Our story began back in 1961 when Luigi  ‘Louie’ Failli emigrated from Italy to Melbourne, Australia, and began working as a butcher with William Angliss, the leading meat producer of the time. In 1963, with the support of his wife Josie, Louie opened his first butcher shop in North Sunshine, then a second in North Altona in 1965.

Just one year later Napoli Meat was formed, and the Faillis began buying and processing livestock under contract. The company name then changed to L & G Meats, and its main focus became wholesale meat production.

In 1974 a large processing contract was won with Bacchus Marsh Meats; after BMM went into liquidation, the Faillis purchased its property and formed a new business, L & G Failli, to manage the abattoir operations. 

In 1984 L & G Failli changed name to Westside Meats Pty. Ltd, operating as the buying and distribution arm of the Failli business.

Our business continued to develop, with a boning room added in 1986 ensuring further growth, and our expansion to multiple locations, including the building of a major facility in Highpoint, Maribynong.

In 1993 Westside Meat Australia Pty Ltd was formed, and by 1999, after outgrowing all our current facilities, the Failli Group’s total operations were  moved to our industry leading facility at Bacchus Marsh.

Our farm

Prime Australian produce, direct from the rich volcanic soils of Parwan Valley, Australia.